Cast & credits

We couldn’t have done it without you!

THE CAST (people who were constantly subjected to long-winded lines and embarassing scenes, yet still dedicated their time to the project)—Caitlin, Maren, Mackenzie, Alex, Madeline, Nichole, Nick, Alyssa, Jesse, Alexandra, Randall, & Marie.

MUSIC by Alex Arrowsmith | DRAWINGS by Nick Raz

PHOTOS—Logo background by Werdock | Sex sign photo by Nevit | Lego photo by Blue Star Lego | Handcuffs photo by Sarej | Colored pencils photo by Zela | Stars photo by Clix | Zebra photo by Wilksailor | Green goop photo by Hugoslv

FONTSAction Jackson, Bean Town, Sketch Rockwell, Sue Ellen Francis, Tweedy Erc, Tiza

In case you’re wondering, the audio sample at the very beginning of the film is from a 1958 sex education video entitled “How Much Affection?

ON THIS BLOG—Film reel brushes by dead-brushes


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