Changing Sexpectations, the full video


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Yes… It Can Happen to You

And here is the final segment of Changing Sexpectations. This segment covers topics such as STIs, how to determine pregnancy, unplanned pregnancies and how to deal with them, condom breakage, and “Can I get pregnant if…?”s.

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SEX is probably the most interesting segment of the video. Definitely the most entertaining! Part one covers topics such as communication, outercourse, birth control, STIs, condoms and how to use them, and virtual sex.

Part two covers topics such as oral sex, sexual intercourse, lube, anal sex, the prostate and G-spot, and sex positions.

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Interpersonal Connections (Relationships)

This is the second segment of the film, which covers topics such as masturbation, sex toys (store-bought and DIY), relationships, Facebook pitfalls, pre-sex conversation ideas, and one-night stands.

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The Equipment

Here is where the film begins. The first segment is entitled “The Equipment.” Part one of “The Equipment” deals with topics such as physical anatomy (and what the parts do), arousal, vaginal fluid, semen, and intersexuality.

Part two tackles gender identity, sexual orientation, the characteristics of semen & vaginal fluid, and size.

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Video file formats ahoy

I knew there were a lot of them, but now I really know. If this video’s going to debut on YouTube, it needs to look the best it can–on YouTube’s terms. I’ve been reading guides about how to prepare videos for YouTube, and I think I have finally decided on a formula: .AVI (DivX), 640×480, 128k stereo mp3, 30 fps.

I’m glad that YouTube now includes the option for the viewer to watch videos at higher quality, and I’m making sure this video will have that option. I’ve done some tests, and the high quality versions look pretty awesome. Even if they’re scaled down.

So the plan is in motion. I have a rad video converter and I know which format I’m converting to. Now all I have to do is put the finishing touches on the video–level out the sound, mostly.

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Greetings from summer!

It is now summer for me and my classmates from Lewis & Clark College, but my work isn’t over yet! This last semester, in my Feminist Theory class, we were allowed to do whatever we wanted for our final project. I teamed up with my classmate, Mackenzie, because both of us wanted the same thing: to make a sex ed video.

So we did!

And the video’s done, and summer is here, and grades are in, but there is still one thing that we wanted to do with the video. We wanted to make it available to the world! So this blog is going to be the launching pad for the video being broadcast online. Right now, I have to figure out how to compress 2GB chunks of video into more manageable sizes for the internet…

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What is this?

This is a blog for a sex ed video, "Changing Sexpectations," created in Spring of 2008 by Mackenzie and Alyssa of Lewis & Clark College. It will eventually include embedded video and other goodies pertaining to the film.


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